My Sister Had a Magical Wedding

Ever since our parents hired a magician for a birthday party, my sister and I have been big fans of magicians. Whenever there is a big name magician in the area, we always get tickets to see their show. When my sister got married to her husband, she wanted to have a magician there because she felt that it would be a fun and unique experience. I never thought of hiring a magician for something as formal as a wedding, but I suppose a magician can fit in any occasion. She hired one through and was very eager for him to perform on her big day.

My sister’s husband to be knew about her love of magicians, but he didn’t think she would hire one for their wedding. He thought the idea was a little silly at first, but eventually he warmed up to it. I had a feeling that the magician would come up with some creative ways to get the bride and groom involved in his magic act, and couldn’t wait to see what was in store for them. I’ve been on stage once as a selected assistant from the audience, and it’s fun to be part of the magic, even when the magician makes you disappear.

Everyone at the wedding was blown away by the tricks that the magician performed. Some of the kids that attended the wedding with their parents were especially blown away because it was their first time seeing a magician perform. I love when a magician can show me tricks that I’ve never seen before, and this magician did not disappoint. He left everyone amazed at the tricks and curious as to how he performed any of them. Like any good magician, he didn’t reveal any of the secrets to his tricks.